Monday, March 21, 2011

Orange You Glad its Monday??

So, I know you are not that excited that today is Monday, and you wish that you would have gotten in bed a little bit earlier last night but no worries!! I have something that will brighten your day...literally.  Orange is making its debut back on the red carpet and you can now include it in your everyday wardrobe or at least one day!  Everywhere I look there is orange.  The polish I am wearing is flame orange by Revlon; I wore bright orange lipstick for fashion week and just purchased a pair of orange peep toe strapped sandals.  Not to mention as I was reading Glamour's April edition, the magazine could not stop raving about everything orange.  Orange makes a statement so be sure to keep it simple when wearing such a powerful color.  Try an orange jacket or dress and pair it with a pair of nude sandals or pumps.  You will definitely be a head turner!

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