Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Six Style Inspirations

  1. As quirky and silly as Lady Gaga can be sometimes, we always tune in to see what she has on.  She is a true fashionista in my eyes.  Her fashion is limitless!
  2. The right blush can make all the difference in your makeup wardrobe.  To give your face a refreshed look, try mixing your blush with your bronzer to give your cheeks a glow
  3. Urban Outfitters has recently put out a whole array of spring makeup treats. My favorite is their fingernail polish…(you guys should definitely try Purple 7)
  4. Either you have it or you don’t! Yes I am talking about a gap!  At first I used to be so insecure about having one but then I began to embrace my differences and enjoy it.  What makes you unique from everyone else?
  5. The pixie hair cut is so adorable and chic.  I often wish I was brave enough to pull it off.  But for the women who are, you go girl!
  6. Yes she is young, but she sends out such a positive energy!  She is young and she is just being herself.  Now that is something any woman at any age can learn from.

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