Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Red Designing Hood

 The summer is here and although I have a break from school I have found an old interest that I have chosen to indulge myself into. I have been busy designing clothes and jewelry.  The jewelry line has been most exciting because I'm constantly challenging myself to push past the boundaries of regular jewelry.  One thing that makes my jewelry so unique is that I choose to only use hardware materials such as nails, screws and wire.  I am loving the outcome of all the pieces and cannot wait to share it with you!  Not only will you be able to purchase the pieces that you love online but if you are in the New York area  I am hoping to be able to sell this summer at the Brooklyn Flea Market.  I definitely will keep everyone up to date on my progress and pictures are coming soon! Happy Monday Loves! :)

Red Vintage Dress &  Leopard Jessica Simpson Peep-Toes

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  1. Beautiful dress!!! Loving the shoes mama!