Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Work, More Thought, More Ideas

"The past two weeks have hit me really hard."

 I'm once again trying to adjust my body to being sleep deprived while maintaining my responsibilities.  The weird thing is that I maintain more of my responsibilities when I have a lot to do.  When I am on break, I find myself completely just taking a break.  However, when I have to juggle a lot of tasks it just seems easier.  I tend to think better and process new ideas better as well.  The other day I was having the hardest time trying to figure something out and it had been bothering me to the core.  However, when I was running some errands and not really thinking about it the answer just came to me.  A lot of times ideas can flourish when you tend to not over analyze them but just sit back and sometimes let the thoughts and ideas just come to you. But, what you do when you have a brilliant idea is up to you.

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