Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion Fitness Inspiration: Chanel Iman

Fashion Fitness Inspiration: Chanel Iman

Spring is here and you know what comes after it.  Yes, Summer!  Which means that it will bathing suit season before you know it, so get started now!  Here Chanel shows that you can be fit, fashionable and fabulous so do not procrastinate.  Start hitting the gym and eating healthier.  One way I have started to get fit for the summer is watching my calorie intake. is an amazing and free website you can join.  By putting in your current weight and what you want your weight to be, the site helps you by telling you the calorie intake you can have for the day along with fitness and diet advice.  The site is perfect for a person with a hectic schedule!  So step away from the computer and get started today!!

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  1. A Nice Body is the accessory that make Any outfit Look 10 times Better!.......i gotta Start accessorizing! LOL