Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Trends To Try

Three Trends To Try

Cat Eye~ A cat eye done the right way can make the boldest make-up statement in the world.  It can be both chic/classy or edgy, depending on what you want.  Don't know how to do a cat eye? Visit this cat eye tutorial ( and remember practice makes perfect!

Happiness~ Being happy sometimes is a little hard, but when you do find that happiness you become complete with yourself.  Everything might not be perfect but you at least have peace of mind.  Life rarely goes the way you want and as humans we make mistakes, but don't beat yourself up about it.  Take a deep breath and make a conscious effort to be happy.  And remember it's best to leave the past where it should be, behind you. 

Multiple Rings~ Wearing a plethora of rings is definitely in right now.  Try mixing assorted rings and different textures together.  Want to amp up the fashion clutter?  Make sure to have fresh polished nails that make a statement. 

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