Monday, March 11, 2013

Through My Shades: ER

Through My Shades: ER

Working myself to death has become the new norm, unfortunately.   In my quest to get ahead I found myself terribly sick.  What started off as a stomach ache lead to me being in the ER. I have this habit of working hard for what I want no matter the consequences. I blame it on my parents, especially my Dad.  It's as if "rest" is a foreign word to us and "sleep" is a thing you do on vacation.  I must do better.  I know.  For the days that I was recuperating, I just laid in bed....something that I cannot remember doing. I watched my favorite episodes of "Sex and The City" and I rested.  Ironically a couple of days before my incident I had told a friend that I wanted to just enjoy life.  A want a life where I actually enjoy living in the City.  I do not simply mean just habitation but actually taking advantage of the city I moved over 24 hours away from home, because I could not live without it.  I must make changes. I must do this soon. 


  1. Sorry you had to experience the ER, but I totally know what you mean. My "What the heck is rest all about" hustle mode has lead me to have some health issues, too. Hang in there and find out how to both achieve the life of your dreams AND take some YOU time. (Do what I say, not what I do...haha)

    1. lol thanks for the advice! I am definitely taking it a little slower lol