Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Through My Shades: Game Plan

Through My Shades: Game Plan

Whenever I have an idea my first instinct is to plan. I put a lot of thought into whatever I’m going to do.  From mental plans, to plans on paper, to plans in my iPhone, to plans on my computer; there is no such thing to me as “over planning.”  I want to be prepared for every single scenario that can take
place.   I want to be in the front of what “might” go wrong and by me planning I can be even more prepared.   Even when moving from Arkansas to New York I planned for a year.  From the outside looking in you would have thought I just made a smooth transition.  However the honest truth is that I merely executed a game plan that had taken a year. Have a goal or idea in mind?  Plan like there is no tomorrow because when the time comes, you will be prepared for anything. 

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