Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ESSENCE: A Curvy Girl's Guide For Head-To-Toe Hues

ESSENCE: A Curvy Girl's Guide For Head-To-Toe Hues
Here is your ultimate how-to-guide for all things monochromatic. Make sure to check out all of the looks to shop at Essence.com!


Brace yourself! This bold beauty is here to serve us a lesson in all things black.
Now, before you think that the monochromatic look isn't for you let Thamar's style give you a little pep talk. To achieve this divine monochromatic look remember that mixing textures is a huge plus. Leather, suede, cotton - it doesn't matter. Combining multiple textures of the same hue only amps up the aesthetic of your wardrobe.


This monochromatic all-white ensemble is far from the ordinary and Essie Golden is showing us exactly why.  To achieve this opulent look curvy ladies keep in mind that a little "fit and flare" never hurt any fashionista.   The blogger kept it sleek on top with a comfortably fitted cropped blouse and combined it with a flared skirt that sits high on the waist.  This impeccable combo instantly creates the ideal monochromatic midriff ensemble.


This look is the complete opposite of difficult or demanding. Try Thamar's look instantly by selecting a vibrant solid-shade dress and throw on a matching pair of stilettos and clutch. And voila - it's just that simple!


Now that you have mastered the standard black & white monochromatic looks, let’s take a deep dive into a monochromatic print, one-on-one lesson.
Incorporating an artistic print into your look is easier done than said. Pick one printed piece and incorporate a similar color into your accessories. Thamarr keens in on a vibrant blue found in her dress and pulls in similar hued pumps and textured bag.

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