Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She Works Hard For Her Money

I refuse to believe that you have to look boring at work.  Work is where you probably spend most of your time throughout the week, so do not press the snooze button on your look,  Learn how to turn your wardrobe into one that could be worn to both work and out with the girls later. The classic blazer is the perfect example of a staple piece to wear to work and then fix up for a night out on the town with the gals!  The pieces above are out of ASOS work wardrobe collection.  Try any piece to get your work wardrobe started!


  1. Love this. My work attire is a uniform-- any tips on what to do to spruce up my black or brown belt?

  2. If your work attire is uniform, accessorizing is key. If you are wearing a black or brown belt, try to choose shoes, jewelry, and/or watches around the same color (It does not have to be matchy, matchy). The Browns do not have to match completely but I advise that the Blacks match. Also, try hair accessories! If you are the girl that wears her hair up all the time, try wearing it down, or several pieces clipped up. Scarves have been my favorite accessory so far. They are easy to wear, you can tie them in so many ways, and usually employers do not mind, especially in the colder months. I hope this helps! :)


  3. Reading your blog really inspired me to spruce up my look at work and accessorizing :-) Thanks gurl! Dominique at http://dominiquew1985.blogspot.com/