Monday, March 14, 2011

Soho Soiree

Vintage Oversized Purple Blouse, Gray ASOS Skinny Jeans, Brown Peep Toe Pumps, Burnt Orange Vintage Sweater, Black H&M Tights, Gold Dot Vintage Earrings 

Soho is a fashionistas Disney World and also where I would love to have an apartment someday.  The hustle and bustle is music to my ears as Ira and I run a few errands while giving into both our guilty  The night is young and the air is cool but not to cold.  I can feel New York grasping for the beat of spring to take form, which I am very happy about.  Enjoying such a lovely evening, Ira and I picked up dinner from Au Du Pain and took it into the Trump Towers where we sipped warm coffee and hot cocoa, as we ate our sandwiches in the upper Starbucks.  We reminisced on what the day had brought us and the usual girl talk.  Although we both have two exams this week, one which is 18 chapters, we took some time out to relax.  We both have put in so much hard work, that a break was much needed.  We were having such a good time that we both loss track of the time and missed our train, but thankfully there was one that came right after.  All in all the day was successful and quite fulfilling.  I must say this evening in Soho was definitely what I needed to jump-start my week.
Happy Monday Loves!!!

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