Monday, April 25, 2011

Marie Stewart

This Easter weekend brings back so many memories.  This was actually the weekend that my grandmother passed away.  For everyone that do not know Marie was her name and that is why my blog is named MARIEme and 1921 was the year she was born. I always envisioned that one day when I have my own line of clothes that the name would be MARIEme 1921 so that her name and legacy could live on.  She was a hard worker and she accomplished so much.  Although she was a single parent she provided for her six children so that they could have a better life than she had.  The life I was blessed with I know better than to take it for granted.  I work hard each day as if it was my last.  If my grandmother could accomplish so much with so little I know that my dreams can truly become a reality if I continue to work hard. 


  1. This is a beautiful post. I know your grandmother is very proud of you. Smiling down on you. Overall I hope you had a blessed Easter!

  2. Thank You Dominique! I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well! :)

  3. Aww Candace can't wait to give you a hug! :)
    Such a wonderful post, and I have no doubts you will accomplish everything you have in mind!