Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slowdown Friday's

Random but I though this ad was an amazing concept for the animals right campaign. So cute!

Man New York City is definitely the city that never sleeps!!  Although I am very sleepy I am not tired. My drive and passion keeps me going and remaining entergetic.  What is the passion that keeps you going??

The end is almost near!! Just three more weeks and school will be over and the summer will be here. What are your plans  for the summer?

So I have been getting my workout on and trying to eat super healthy.  I can see both a change in my body and mind state. Although my workout is not the traditional workout it works for me. If you do not have time to take out of your schedule to work out (like me) make the workout fit your schedule. I walk to work and often run home so I will not miss my train.  However you can make it work try to maintain your health by eating healthy and working out!

One of my guilty pleasures is definitely watching the new season of Khloe and Lamar. They seem so in love and they make for great television!  Looking at commercials this episode tonight seems like it is going to be good.  I will have to go early to the library so I can get my 5 hour study binge out the way!!

Happy Friday Loves!

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