Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grandmother's Stories

Vintage Blue Dress (Previously my Grandmothers), Gold Vintage Bow, Gold Chandelier Earrings
As I was thinking about my grandmother's birthday I started to think about the stories she would tell me and my family when we visited during the holidays and special occasions. Her memory was sharp as a tack and although some may have considered her to be old she was young and full of energy in her mind. She remembered every story as if she was reading out of a book right in front of her.  One of my favorite stories was of how one of my aunts made a cape for my uncle and told him he could fly if he put the cape on.  Oh how it made me laugh as I heard her tell me of how he jumped out of the window and much to  his surprise it took a little more than a cape to fly in the sky.  My grandmother is not only humorous but very witty.  It is no wonder she had seven beautiful children who had grandchildren who were just as witty.

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