Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Addict of the Week: Ira from New York

How would you describe your style?
My style constantly evolves, but I always find myself drawn to a streamlined and polished aesthetic-be that a fitted dress or a pencil skirt paired with a silk blouse and minimal, but personal jewelry. I absolutely adore silk dresses in beautiful, vibrant colors because they are statement pieces that are easy and versatile. I can often be found in crisp blazers and dark skinny jeans, cashmere sweaters as well as sweater dresses-which I consider the most practical and chic wardrobe piece for winter. I love a well-made shoe and I think this is the one item that we can spend a little bit more on since it is going to last for years and make any outfit look fabulous. While I often gravitate towards ladylike and elegant pieces, I would love to incorporate a few edgy items in my closet-perhaps a leather jacket and a fierce pair of shoes.

What is your style inspired by? 
My style is inspired by everything I see, and I mean that literally. A magazine spread that evokes French Riviera in the 50s, a scene from a movie, a music video, an art exhibit or travel. Perhaps the two most influential people are my mother and my best friend Renata. My mother was incredibly elegant and made any outfit look beautiful, while Renata was such a stellar example of what a young lady should look like while I was growing up- polished, poised, and always very feminine.

Who are your biggest style icons?
My biggest style icons are people I see on the streets every day. Having limited budgets in this tough economy, facing time constraints and tough commutes, I very often see individuals that are so creative, vibrant and elegant that I would just love to know how did they come up with that perfectly imperfect mix in an ensemble.

What are your fashion must haves?
I think the basics for me are: a dress that fits perfectly, cashmere sweaters and sweater dresses, silk blouses, pencil skirts and sharp pants, shoes and of course jewelry to complement it all beautifully. I also think it is nice to have a signature scent, isn’t it amazing when people associate you with a lovely smelling perfume?

What fashion style are you ready for the world to retire?
While I do respect every fashion style, I am not so fond of Ugg boots and very high platforms.

Favorite Stores?
My favorite stores are J.Crew, Reiss, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zara, Banana Republic, Rebecca Taylor, H&M and BCBG.

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