Friday, December 16, 2011

First-Date Outfit Ideas

First date-outfit anxiety.....

Picking that first outfit, for that first date can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming.  The thoughts of what to wear bombard your mind to the point that you don't know if you are under-dressed or over-dressed.  Well ladies let me set the record straight for you; choose an outfit that matches whatever activity you will be doing.  If it is a casual group date, such as bowling, ice-skating, or mini-golf be casual yet chic.  Throw own a pair of sleek skinny jeans, an over-sized sweater that possibly hangs off the shoulder, and a comfortable yet cute pair of flats.  If its going to be a  one-on-one dinner date, find out what restaurant you are going to and dress accordingly.  If the place is casual you can get away with a pair of sleek shorts with tights or baby-doll dress with tights.  If the place is more dressed up, make sure to whip out a pair of high heels.  For dates that are one-on-one yet with a crowd such as the movies, museums, or a play, a cute jumpsuit with tights and boots will do the trick or a pair of chic skinny jeans with a dressy top and pumps can also solve the problem.  Just remember ladies always take into account where you are going! Have a great weekend Loves!!



  2. These are fabulous finds! I'd love to wear these on my dates. :)