Monday, March 5, 2012

Five Fashion Men Essentials... Yes I Said MEN!

Some of my followers reminded me quickly that I have been leaving the men out so I'm going to do better I promise!! So men every Monday and Wednesday there will be something for you so get ready!

Five Fashion Men Essentials... Yes I Said MEN!

1. Sunglasses-the right pair of sunglasses is hard to come by sometimes, but when you find them you know!  Police shades and the Ray Ban cut, in my opinion are my favorite on any man. Shades not only add a sense of swag to a man but a certain mystery that us as women love.
2. Black Suite-the key to having a black suite is the tailoring.  You want that suite to fit you in the right places and to NOT fit you in the right places as well.  Don't have a tailored suit?  Take a current suit that you already have and take it to neighborhood tailor. This will not only save you from having to buy another suite but your wardrobe style will increase tremendously.

3. Trench Coat- Let me state how much I love a trench coat on a man, and so does every other woman.  Make sure to get a sleek look that matches your style.  A brown trench coat is a classic that you will wear for years to come so investing in one is well worth it.

4. Scarf- I know some men are afraid to wear a scarf because they think it will "lower their masculinity" but this is so false.  Men as it is do not have as many accessories as a woman so tapping into the ones that add flare to your style is a must.  Don't think you can pull it off?  Try a darker color such as a black or brown scarf to your.  If you feel daring try a patterned scarf that still maintains darker colors such as hunter green, dark gray or navy blue.

5. Hat-hats vary according to what your head shape is and what you feel comfortable in.  But adding the right hat can make a world of a difference.  Don't feel confident that the hat you are choosing is for you?  Take a female shopping with you, such as a girlfriend or sister.  Trust me men, we will give you our honest opinion if you want us to! :)

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