Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Trends To Try

Three Trends To Try

Oversized Scarfs~ Oversized scarfs not only keep you warm but they are quite fashionable.  Mixing it with a chic sweater or leather jacket makes the scarf pop even more.  Don't have an oversized scarf? Take multiple scarfs and wrap them together to give the illusion of an oversized scarf plus mixing multiple scarfs together gives your wardrobe extra color. 

Mixed Prints~ I must emphasize that prints are big this season and mixing them with other prints makes for a cool fashion palette.  Don't have that many prints?  Try your local flea market or consignment shops to find unique pieces for half the price of your regular shopping stores.

Colorful Nails~ With the weather sometimes being so blah it is easy to get the fashion blues and blacks.  However, adding color too your nails can give your wardrobe a sense of color that it may be lacking.  Don't feel that comfortable wearing to many colors? Try two colors that complement each other or one color with different pigments such as a sky blue and royal blue. 

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