Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Reasons Why Janelle Monae's Style Will Last Forever

Three Reasons Why Janelle Monae's Style Will Last Forever

Janelle Monae has stepped onto the style scene and has done it ever so effortlessly.  What keeps us coming back for more?  First, let's start with how she can reinvent the classic suit whether black or white, time and time again. While her music has separated her from the "one hit wonders" she has mastered the masculinity of a suit while still adding  feminine characteristics to her wardrobe    Next, she has that iconic beauty that is recognizable from a mile away.  Her natural hair, big bold eyes, and energetic stature has put her in a lane of her own.  If not to add to her list of accomplishments she was named a Cover Girl, which put her on display for not just her outward beauty but for her inner beauty she has remained true to.   Lastly, she has a voice that complements her retro sense of style.  With hits such as "Tightrope" and a classic style that has been featured all over the world, Ms. Monae will surely go down in my Style Bible as a Style Icon.

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    I love those eyes!!