Monday, March 24, 2014

Through My Shades:The Dreamer or The Doer?

The Dreamer or The Doer?

I find that in this city I often run into two types of people.  I either encounter the Dreamer.  Someone who has a ton of imagination and
ideas. They are both innovative and creative. They think of the unimaginable however, they are never able create a reality behind it.  They are not afraid to let their mind run wild and they do not shy away from others criticism, laughter or speculations. However, at the end of their passion there is no action or anything tangible to show for it. But then there is the Doer- someone who will let their actions (not just their imagination) run wild. Taking leaps of faith that others see as impossible, crazy, pointless.  They don't let their dreams become stagnant but help them to thrive with hard work, persistence and innovation.  In all honesty the Dreamer is still asleep, while the Doer is awake making their dreams become a reality. 

Now let's examine. Are you the Dreamer or the Doer?

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