Monday, February 2, 2015

Empire Inspire: Deon Mims

Empire Inspire: Deon Mims
Deon is a rising photographer who lives in New York.  From Warhol to the Annie Leibovitz, Deon has studied amazing artists and strives to master a unique technique and skill.  Find out below what inspires him and how he is inspiring others. 

What inspires you?
I find inspiration in my past. I grew up not so privileged, not having much, borderline poor. Yet seeing my family work as hard as they could to meet ends meet is certainly a reason why I work hard and dream big. I'm inspired to give back to my family who sacrificed a lot to make sure I had the tools to succeed. 

What are your dreams and aspirations? 
I have many. They change & add up more and more each day. I don't believe there should ever be a cap on how many dreams we acquire. I dream to inspire people. To leave a lasting impression on our world in some great capacity. I aspire to be someone who captures beauty through Photography. I want people to see my work and feel something in their soul and then in turn want to create something that will make someone else feel the same.
How have you worked hard to reach those goals?
I have studied the greats. The Warhols, the Annie Leibovitz, the David LaChapples. Photography is an art form. It must be mastered through technique and skill. I watch tutorials, I've taken classes, I've attempted to soak up as much knowledge from photographers I know. With any passion you have you must dive into it 500 percent. 

What would you say to others trying to reach their goals?
Never ever give up. Life can be a tough cookie. Most likely life will throw you to the cold ground 100 times but you must hold tight onto Faith. A Faith that if you work hard and dedicate yourself to whatever craft or path you're looking to take that it WILL happen in time. I moved to New York in the winter with 40 bucks and an iPhone with no service and a bag of clothes. If I can make it, then so can anyone. Never be discouraged, always persevere. 

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