Monday, March 31, 2014

My Life In Vogue

What an amazing way to start my day. Waking up and realizing that my video was picked as one of the top five videos for VOGUE's "My Life In Vogue Contest" made my day completely. Even this rainy day can't dampen my happy spirit.  The contest challenged Vogue readers
to create a video that showed how you live your life beautifully.  Beauty is more than the outward appearance and I wanted to convey that. I live my life beautifully through hard work, determination and persistence. 

To vote for my video click here!

Artfully Urban Dress, Zara Yellow Pumps, and NYX Matte Lipstick


  1. Iam in love. Congrats Candace! You deserve it! Have a great day x

    Lots of love

    Jessica P.

  2. You are such an inspiration, continue spreading your wings. I have watched your video too many times to count and is always happy to share your story with other women to inspire and empower them to 'go harder and be the best version of themselves'


  3. This means a lot to me. Empowering other women, only empowers me more. So glad I could make a difference! :)

  4. Thanks Jessica!! Have a great day love!