Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Through My Shades : Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Grace The Cover of American Vogue

The pure essence of American Vogue stems upon a foundation of leadership and authority not only in the fashion world but through how we live, dress and socialize.  The magazine provokes conversation and controversy while leading back to the intricate detail of style and grace.  Vogue is known as a "cultural barometer" for not just the US but for a global audience. The magazine has built upon an integrity that not only shapes and molds Vogue as a brand but politics, businesses and philanthropy.  

Kim is just the opposite of what the brand represents.  From the start of her fame, to the pitiful sham of a so called "wedding", her values just do not align with that of Vogue's.  The great women who have influenced our society through profound art, literature, and businesses have graced the cover of Vogue and for her to ever be on or in the walls of this great magazine would be a tarnish to the brand.  

It already speaks enough volume to where the American people's values are. For so many people to put Kim on a pedestal with this magnitude of a distasteful life-style is embarrassing.Well, thankfully, Vogue refuses to advocate that message alongside great covers such as Michelle Obama, Adele, or Sarah Jessica Parker.  Just logically that does not even make good nonsense.  Michele Obama and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence even sounds like blasphemy.  Thankfully, it is safe to say that when no talent is involved, Vogue is not the brand to have mercy on you and spare a cover.