Monday, February 24, 2014

Purpose (Pt. 1)

Purpose (Pt. 1)

I believe that everyone has a purpose in their life.  Something that each of us are capable of accomplishing. No, it might not be something that is easy. It might not be something you get on the first, second or even the third try.  Thomas Edison who created the iridescent light-bulb tried over 1,000
times until he figured out the solution.  What if he would have stopped at the 4th, 50th, or even 100th try??? We all flip on a light bulb everyday and to think that came from one man who fulfilled his purpose. So many of us have not fulfilled our purpose because we give up to easily.  We use excuses like "it must not have been meant to be" or "it just wasn't the right time."  Thomas Edison will go down in history as a man of greatness. Great people in history show repetitiveness in being successful. They persistently work hard.  Take a step back and think. What purpose are you not fulfilling because you are not willing to persistently work hard at?

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  1. I thank you for this post on purpose. It comes at a perfect time for me because God has been working with me regarding my purpose and I've always let fear and failure hold me back from pursuing what I know in my heart I am capable of and this post just gave me confirmation to go forth and walk in my purpose. Thanks for this! You look cute. Very cute jumper!


    1. Yes! This is key. I often times have to remind myself of the same thing but I've noticed a pattern that it gets easier to be persistent once you get in the routine. You will be great! and thanks for the love!