Friday, March 7, 2014

Style vs LIFEstyle: Denim and Dreams

Style vs LIFEstyle: Denim and Dreams

Denim has a way of being styled with so much. Each denim piece delivers a different vibe of coolness and design that makes it unique. The cut off,

Urban Renewal features bleach splatters with frayed ends that I instantly noticed. The long sleeve Arizona Jean boasts a dark wash with subtle hints of bleach splatters. Lastly, the light blue Selene Sport denim displays a wide arm that sits on the skin lightly because of its perfect mixture of cotton and denim. 

The week has started and the Oscars have put me in not only a hopeful mood but in a mood to tackle the week and then some.  After Lupita gave her moving speech I must admit tears of joy and admiration rolled down my eyes.  To see this woman achieve her dreams and pave a path for hopefuls with ambition will always be such an inspiration for me. When times get hard or whenever I have my doubts, people like Lupita help me to remain hopeful and strong.  During her speech she hit home for me. 'Every dream is Valid'.  Nothing is too crazy or out of this world. Dreams are meant to tackle head and giving up is never an option. 

Urban Renewal Denim Top, Selene Sport Denim, Arizona Splattered Denim Top

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