Monday, December 20, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

*Sigh*....I am finally on my Christmas/New Years break and it feels good to be done.  I can finally just breathe and let down my hair for a little while, before my next spring semester starts up. I can actually do what I want to do, when I want to do it!  So in my eagerness to be on break, I made an entire list of things I wanted to accomplish, however my list started to look more like a "work list" than a "break" list.  It is almost as if I am addicted to working, and when I'm not.....I just do not know what to do (I get that from my father and mother).  However, this weekend I decided I had to get out and just do something.  So I met up with a friend who loves New York City just as much as I do, if not more.  We first hit up several of the Christmas sales.  It was sooo hard to not buy anything for myself because the sales were soo good but I made it...which is a huge accomplishment in the city! lol  After tons of shopping we decided to go back to a Korean Barbecue restaurant in Mid-Manhattan, we had saw once before.  I had to try something new soooo I decided to try octopus and Calamari which ended up being, rather tasty (crunch and slimy but tasty).  After, we decided to go on a "coat hunt" for me.  If you know anything about the city weather you know that your coat needs to be long and heavy.  I ended up finding two, one in Macy's and the other one in Zara.  The one in Macy's was the one I needed and the one in Zara was the one I wanted.  Oh decisions decisions...but I ended up being happy with my choice at the end of the day and it kept me warm!  Next, we went to Crumbs, a famous cupcake place, where I purchased a Hot White Chocolate Cupcake.....and yes it was just as good as it sounds.....yummmm.  After roaming around time square, trying to make up our minds between a movie or Broadway Play, we ended up deciding on the best thing to do....Eat of course!  The restaurant we decided on was The Counter, an upscale burger place where anything and everything is put on a burger.   It was Delicious and the service was superb!  I had a Turkey burger with fried egg (sounds gross but you have to try it!) and honey mustard.  Along with sweet potato fries and Parmesan fries.  I guess you can tell I love to eat huh??  Well all in all, I had a blast.  New York has a way of putting you in the Christmas spirit no matter what you do.  With all the festivities, decorations and of course food, you can't help but to have tons of fun....and that is what I am going to do!  Happy Monday Everyone! :)

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