Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Fashion's Best Kept Secret: Dan-T-Chan Vintage

Jimanekia Eborn is a 23 years old.Student, Worker, Realist, Honest Blogger who is the Store owner of Dan-T-Chan Vintage.  Check out what she had to say below about her site and do not hesitate to run over to her site! You will find great pieces for any time or place! I know I will!

 "Building the site and our online store is no easy task.  Especially, doing it all by yourself.  The building of the site has been something that has taken me months to get to.  I was inspired by wanting to run my own business, as well as having a love for vintage, thrift, retro clothing.  There are plenty of people that would love to dress in this attire.  Either they can’t find what they want or somewhere that sales it.  My goal behind the store is to give you affordable vintage pieces, that makes anyone and everyone feel comfortable.  My site is for the the real woman and man, that's why my models are real life people that go to school and have jobs.   Thank you for the opportunity and the feature on your blog! Also, Thank you to my friends who have been a true back bone through this whole process!"

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