Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday, Monday, Monday

Its Monday!!!!

Ok, so you are probably wondering why I would even be that excited that it is the day of the week where most of us have to come off of our mini weekend vacation, to wake up early and trample back to work.  Well, being the optimistic person that I am I try to look on the bright side of things today and list all of the great things in my life.

1.  I am blessed to be healthy and alive.  (about 6700 people in the United States die a day so if you are able to read this you should be thankful)
2.  Me and my aunt had a blast this past weekend when she came to visit me! (I was so sad that she had to leave but I know this will not be the last time she will come see me)
3.  Two of my friends will be here in three weeks and I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best vacation they have ever been on (I'm just saying lol)
4.  I am not in school so I can take advantage of so many opportunities such as blogging, sewing, making jewelry and getting my creative juices flowing. lol
5. I have the opportunity to continue my spring internship into the summer at Essence Magazine which I am very thankful for and look forward to working hard at.
6. Last but NOT least, my sister is coming to stay a month with me this summer.  (I cannot wait to have sister sister time! I have so much to show her and hopefully she will fall in love with New York just as much as I do)

Have a great Monday Luvs!! :)

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