Monday, August 15, 2011

Savage Beauty - Alexander McQueen

Last Sunday was the last day of the Alexander McQueen exhibit.

 In desperate need to see it I invited a friend and we both stole away to see the famous exhibit. We waited in line for over five and a half hours just to see the thirty-minute exhibit but it was worth it. The exhibit was more than words could express. The detail of his pieces were amazing to the human eye. Right before going in we also found out that Anna Wintour (Vogue's Editor and Chief) would be signing books at 8:00pm. I felt that it was fate to do both. To arrive at the exhibit at 7:30pm after waiting since 3:00pm to only find that a woman I admired so much was going to be there. The day was absolutely amazing. So it would be only fitting to show you some of my favorite pieces within the book. Warning: I have a lot of favorite pieces so if you're not truly into fashion this might be a little boring for you. R.I.F. (rest in fashion) Alexander McQueen.

Anna Wintour's Signature (She was actually polite and nice for everyone that wanted to know)

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