Monday, November 21, 2011

A Year Older, A Year Wiser

A year older, a year wiser

This weekend was my birthday and I must say that it was actually one that I really enjoyed.  I enjoyed a birthday brunch and dinner that was absolutely amazing.  I had time to think about how over the years time has truly changed the person that I am and although I am not exactly where I want to be, I am far from the person that I use to be.  I feel that this new stage in my life will be spectacular and take me farther than I ever could have hoped or dreamed.  I just simply have to say thank you to everyone who has contributed in some way in my life.  I could never be the person I am today without the people I love helping every step of the way.  I am so grateful to have my health and strength and to be able to pursue my passion's in life.  I leave to go home tomorrow and I am so elated that I can spend time with my family and friends who I miss dearly.  A birthday would not be the same if I was not celebrate with them as well!

5 random but meaningful things in my life

1.  My little sister means the world to me and it was her birthday as well!  She turned 18 and according to her now she is "Grown".  Smh, man how I love that girl!
2.  My friend Ira has been an absolutely amazing friend since I moved here.  She is super intelligent, beautiful (both on the inside and out), and so fashionable.  I'm very blessed to have a friend like her.
3.  So I must say that as I get older my love for children grows and grows.  I feel like my motherly instincts are kicking in lol.  I hope that one day that I will be blessed to have children and also contribute in some way to children world-wide.
4.  This painting was done by me and cam (mostly cam lol).  But I look at this painting every morning I wake up.  I represent the small apple on the tree in the big city of New York.  And although the city is cold and desolate in the picture and not a thing survives, this is where I thrive and my talents burst into full bloom.
5.  I just like being silly.  If you can make me laugh, we will be friends for a loonnng time. lol

Ohhhh Finance lol

So I would have never got to know this group of people if I would have never been a finance major.  Although me and finance might have not gotten a long so well, I am glad we all crossed paths.  They all make me laugh and all bring so much joy to my life.  When I'm around them, I can just be myself.  We all are bluntly honest with each other and say whatever is on our minds when we feel like it.  I know that each and every last one of them will be successful and do well in life.  Our friendship works so well because we accept each other for the people we are and I BETTER see all of them at Thanksgiving! Love you guys!

Cameron Lynn

OMG, Where to begin??? lol.  Me and Cameron's friendship has definitely been a roller coaster (I'm sure she agrees) but at the end of the day the ups far outweigh all the bad.  She's just like a sister to me....nope she is my sister.  Just looking back at all the pictures of us makes me re-live the crazy fun moments in our life and makes me cherish the bond that we do have.  She was my New York, ride or die buddy and even though she is not here she knows that my place is always open!

Lions, Tigers and .....wait, Cameron's getting Married, OH MY!

So I had to throw this in there because this made my year, wait no my life! lol I'm so happy for this crazy couple!  They are getting married and I could not be any more happier.  I absolutely cried so many tears of joy when she told me how Jerene proposed.  Its so amazing to see real love and just their relationship alone gives me hope. :)

Rach and Marsh!

So let me start by saying I am sooo happy for these two beautiful ladies!  Marshalluna is married now, which although I was not able to attend, I'm so happy for her!  And where do I begin with Rachel lol.  We are so tit for tat.  We think the same crazy things and act the same crazy way.  Rachel came to visit me this summer and I'm pretty sure I thought about stealing her and never giving her back.  I just want to let her know that I love her and so does New York, so if she ever wants to come back feel free!

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