Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angela Simmons for LadyGunn Mag

Angela Simmons for LadyGunn Mag

Here Angela Simmons Looked stunning for LadyGunn Mag.  The Mag had nothing but rave reviews for the her:

"She is also a lot more than just a reality show star, although she is that too, having had quite a presence on MTV’s Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls.  But in a time when reality shows are a dime a dozen, Angela has proven herself to be a daring little diamond with her ambition and talent and is quickly becoming a budding fashion designer and entrepreneur. She’s an editor for a self-titled monthly magazine, Angela’s Rundown, and she— along with sister Vanessa—run the sneaker brand, Pastry, which has recently received props from Hova himself in his hit song “Empire State Of Mind.” (“Catch me in the kitchen like Simmons whipping Pastry.”) If you want an even quicker run down of her roster, you can check out her very public romance with Bow Wow, her nude editorial for PETA, and the weekly images of her living it up that grace almost every blog. Being in the spotlight since birth is no easy task, and Angela gave Ladygunn some insight on what it is like living so close to the camera lens, and growing up with Rev Run as a daddy." 

Want to catch the entire interview?  Head over to!

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