Thursday, January 17, 2013

Through My Shades : Why Rihanna's Life Will Always Be Everyone's Business

 I know that it's technically "Nobody's Business", but lets just pretend that it is for today.  This "relationship," "love triangle" or whatever you want to call it, often leaves me wishing I was a fly on the wall, or better yet in Rihanna's head.  Trust me, I have tried to separate her personal life from her music career, but it's just not possible.  I know Rihanna would like for everyone to butt out of her personal life but she makes it hard, with her subliminal, sometimes obvious, tweets and Instagram pictures. As a social media abuser I get it! A lot of people get it.  We are all guilty of sending that tweet that is definitely about our ex or posting that "i miss him" picture and we all know who "him" is.  But when Rihanna does it, this is just something totally different. Which I'm sure she thinks is probably unfair but it comes with the Celeb territory. 

As outsiders looking in, we all have made our opinion or judgement on what she should have done or what she should do now.  Her relationship with Chris Brown has left us wondering whether she just thinks with her heart and not her head. Love is one crazy drug. It makes you do crazy things. Again, I get it.  And after reading her Complex article I can understand why she becomes frustrated with people being nosy. But, at the same time why make it so public if you do not want everyone to know.   I mean first it's "Birthday Cake" and then it's "Ain't Nobody's Business."  I mean if I could insert the big eyed emoji right in here I would.   

 Now, Rihanna just needs to realize that it is always going to be somebody's business.  Its going to be all of her 27,868,953 of her Twitter followers business, as well as her 4.4 million Instagram followers business and anyone else they decide to re-tweet, snap a Instagram pic, and share it as well on Facebook business.  Why do you think Oprah's "Next Chapter" had the highest ratings when Rihanna was interviewed?  People are fascinated with her life.  We want to know her business whether it is right for us to know or not.

The truth of the matter is, her being so open and yes crazy at times, is what makes people so fascinated with her life.  If it wasn't anybody's business, she wouldn't be so famous.   Trust me, its not just her music, voice, or clothing.  It is simply her "I don't give a care, of what people think of me" attitude that keeps her relevant. She was not as big of a star when she was the quiet singer from Barbados. Her life, tragedies, short-comings, accomplishments, heartache, sex-appeal and confidence has made her the popular outspoken star she is today.  By her constantly putting her life on display, she stays relevant.  And by staying relevant she sells records and makes millions.

PS...They killed Rihanna's "Aint Nobody's Business" song and the girls "Please, don't judge me" line at the end tickled me.  

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