Monday, September 30, 2013

Style vs LIFEstyle: A Man's World

Style vs LIFEstyle: A Man's World

I have always been a fan of menswear on the female physique.  It is just something so classy about a suite coat and a button-up.  This oversize floral suite coat was my grandmothers and I loved that it makes such a dramatic statement.  Mixing this piece with shorts and stilettos soften up
the look but still helped it maintain a since of  masculinity.

In a world where it is definitely viewed as "A Man's World"  I find it so uplifting to see other women break down those barriers by starting their own companies, taking on roles that are dominantly male occupations, and not being afraid to show their strength as a woman.  I am constantly reminded of a woman's willpower and determination as I see so many great woman around me doing great things.  From my grandmother, to my aunts, to my own mother I was raised to be a strong individual.  So, I choose to not be bound by my sexuality or any other stipulation society tries to enforce.  

Jacket From My Grandmother, Zara Heels, AuH2o Shorts, Button-Up & Hat

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