Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Through My Shades: Spotted On

Spotted on "Where Did You Get That", shot by Karen

Through My Shades: Spotted On
 Lately, my friends have been asking me "have you seen this picture of you?" or "did you check out this site?"  It's always a wonderful surprise to
get recognition on such amazing sites and blogs.  I am continually grateful!  Although a lot of times these pictures capture the same outfit I quickly recognize the personality and character of each picture and the unique eye each photographer holds.   So make sure to check out these amazing blogs and sites!

As I turned to smile to several cameras, Karen was able to capture me quickly while still having time to ask me where did I pick up such an amazing jacket.  She is definitely quick and knows her craft very well. 

As I rushed off to several shows Shanita was able to capture my favorite part of the jacket.  She was able to capture a natural reaction that while tuning out the background of people instantaneously.  And how cute is the "School Daze" title??

Lets just say ModMods site is absolutely stunning and engaging.  The street-style section takes the cake and you will be ultimately surprised by the selection that they have. 

I have had the pleasure of being shot by Mangue on several occasions and he does not cease to amaze me.
He gives direction quickly and precisely while capturing a picture that both he and I love. Check out his roster of pictures below!

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