Thursday, March 13, 2014

Style vs LIFEstyle: Because I'm Happy

Style vs LIFEstyle: Because I'm Happy

My sense of style has definitely evolved over the years and I feel that I have come to grips with being myself and trying new
things. This look for me just seemed happy. With a mix of sporty yet girly flare I was able to make this ensemble totally mine.

The song "Happy" by Pharrell has been in my head nonstop, and lets just say I don't mind it at all.  Happiness is such an amazing feeling and a song that somehow can convey that emotion is even better.  Plus today is Thursday so what is there not to be happy about? The weekend is almost here and although the forecast here in NY suddenly dropped to a bitter cold the weekend will boast almost 60 degree weather so I'm happy nonetheless. Happy Thursday!

Prada Tennis Shoes, Converse Skirt, Forever 21 "The Notorious BIG" Sweater, Bamboo Earrings