Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Making Waves

Pictures by Sofia Colvin

The White Pepper Dress, Vintage Kimono Belt, Mantraband Bracelets, Zara Heels

Making Waves
Although I'm not on the beaches of Miami, enjoying the cool waves and blogging my life away, I have been taking necessary steps in creating
my own waves in my life. I always knew what industry I wanted to be in...Fashion (duh).  But I've become more focused on exactly what my heart desires and that's when so many ripples have occurred.  I love traveling and I love pouring my heart out on my blog. I love sharing my journey, explaining the good and the bad. So, it only seems right to continue my pursuit with blogging full time and traveling.  I hope through my journey that I inspire many to never give up on their dreams, aspirations and visions.  Yes, I have my moments (maybe more than I can count) of doubt and discouragement but by surrounding myself with people who encourage me, maintaining a strong faith and keeping God first on my radar I know that anything and everything is truly possible. 

Pictures by Sofia Colvin

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