Friday, August 20, 2010

Moving to the Big City

So let me first start by apologizing for not posting something for a loooooooooooooonnng time! However, I had a really good reason. So a lot of you all know I just made the move to the New York City Area and moving has been a monster within itself. From loosing my keys, to dropping my phone in the rain, to not having a bed yet b/c it had not been shipped yet.....(sigh). Well anywhoo I am back and better than ever!! Despite some obstacles I must say it was all worth it. Although I have been busy with my graduate studies, I have found time to stop and smell the pizza....New York Pizza that is...and O how it was delicious! My apartment is perfect, and more than what I can ask for (hardwood floors, antique tub, black chandelier....I could go on). My bed finally arrived so I can kick back and relax....well not really but at least I have somewhere to sleep. A lot of people have asked me "so are you lonely yet?" or "do you miss home". And to their surprise I always answer, I’m not sad but actually happy....i Mean Genuinely happy. Granted I will have my moments but I feel that I have made the right choice and have been extremely blessed. To all of you out there who are scared to follow your dream because you are afraid of what people might say, scared that things will not work out or just frightened of change you need to just remember, you only live once and then its a wrap. The last thing you want to say "if I had to do it all over again". Do it now!! Make change happen now!! Get a plan, get organized and get going. You have your whole life ahead of you so make the most of it! God has blessed you to live another day, and tomorrow is not promised, so make a promise to yourself....that you will live out your dreams and fulfill your purpose in life! It’s Never too late!

Sincerely, MARie

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