Monday, October 4, 2010

MARIEme Thoughts

"Life is like a taxi, the meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still."

The truth is you guys life is going to keep going on whether you do something or you do not do something. So, why not Do something?? Why not take a chance in life? Why not go for that job that you always wanted, or go back for that degree you really wanted to pursue? You only get to live once. This is not a video game where you get thousands of lives to keep trying! You get one chance to do all you can do and that is it. You might be thinking to yourself "well what if I fail?" I do not feel you have failed until you stop trying to pursue that goal or aspiration that you desire. You have to just want it bad enough. There will be millions of people in this world who had sooo much potential and talent but did nothing with it. Do not be this person. You were given these talents and desires to do so much more than to sit at a job that makes you unhappy or stay in a city that does not inspire you. NO I am not saying quit your job and don't pay your bills. But I am simply saying get a plan First and work it! If you do not like your job, do something about it! Look for others and look out of your comfort zone. Maybe you were not meant to stay in the city that you are in. Do you want to do something as simply seeing a Broadway Play or travel to Paris?? Well you can do it. Set yourself on a budget and if you do not know how ask someone or go to your bank and ask them. Stop being idle and waiting around. Time is not given back to us. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Do not be that person that says "if only I could do it all again." One thing I have learned as a Finance graduate now pursuing my MBA is that the more risks you take the more you get in return. If you cannot take a risk, Do not expect a return! :)


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