Monday, January 21, 2013

Style vs LIFE-style : Floral Winter

It's cold outside and if the flowers are not on the ground, why not bring some floral to your wardrobe or better yet your headpiece?!  This flower piece for me was that 'A-ha' moment I get when the outfit seems to come together quite nicely.  The detailing in the dress, such as the surprise pockets and military style buttons, adds just what I need in a simplistic pinstriped dress.  The floral ensemble fast-forwarded me into daydreaming about the spring activities I will dive into when that time is here. But, until then, I will just have to bring the spring into my personal attire.

It's cold outside and to be honest I am quite tired of it. From the triple layering of my clothing, to the clattering of my teeth, I am praying that this winter swiftly passes by.  Although hot green tea satisfies me for a moment and the warm soup heats my bones, once thrown on the streets of New York I have no option but to skip the scenery and hope for the next warm space to sit.  With the low 20's knocking on the door for this week I can't help but to look forward to curling up with my Anthropologie vintage tea-cup, warm throw and to blog away on my computer.  Happy Monday loves and remember to bundle up!

Artfully Urban dress, Floral Headpiece, J.Crew Platforms

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