Monday, September 9, 2013

New York Fashion Week Day - 5

 New York Fashion Week Day 5
Day 5 has arrived and the pace is not slowing down for no one.  Today is super packed with Pamela Roland, Hache, Czar, Concept Korea, Blac Mera, Kaufmanfranco and many more.  I'm am over the top excited to see what the designers
are going to bring and with two days left I am sure they will bring their A-game.  With such a passion to discover and learn about designers through their pieces and runway shows I cannot wait to feature so many of their amazing designs in the weeks to come! 

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Artfully Urban Floral Head Piece, Vintage Dress, LM Sandals, Vintage Handbag, AuH2O and St. John Jewelry

How cute is this????


  1. What kind of camera is that in this post? I'm looking to get another dslr camera thats pocketsized

    1. I use a Nikon. I am not sure of the exact model but I will look it up for you! It's small and amazing!