Monday, October 7, 2013

Through My Shades: Happiness (Part 1)

Through My Shades: Happiness

When looking back on certain paths that I have chosen I am very fulfilled and content to know that I let things go. After my MBA program was complete and I received my degree I was left with the choice to pursue my passion in editorial or pursue a job in Finance/Marketing.  I
immediately took a job at a top financial firm because of the financial security it offered me.  It felt safe.  However, no more than two weeks in everything felt so wrong. I was so unhappy and miserable going to work everyday.  I knew that I did not move across the United States to do Finance.  After two weeks in I quit.  I quit without knowing how things would play out or if I would receive the opportunity that I wanted. But what I did know was that I was not about to sacrifice my happiness for a secure paycheck.

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