Monday, December 2, 2013

Style Vs. LIFEstyle: Home (pt. 2)

Style Vs. LIFEstyle: Home (pt 2)

Short skirts are not just for the fall but are clearly for the winter as well.  By pairing knee high boots and socks you can knock the winter cold while
remaining as chic as ever.  When the even colder days come pair with thick tights and boots to stay warm. 

The weather has a funny way of showing that it is the winter time.  First it was in the low 30's and after a couple of days it was in the cool 50's which I must admit I am thankful for.  Spending the last couple of days with my family is truly a blessing and having amazing weather makes it even better.   Home has a way of transporting me away from any worries and forcing me to relax.  Although my time is almost up, I am so happy that I was able to spend Thanksgiving in my home surrounded by family.