Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Empire Inspired

Empire Inspired

"Empire Inspired" is a new segment on MarieMAG.com that will feature young women and men who are in the NYC area pursuing their dreams and inspiring others to do the same. So many times the media is quick to point out the negative and not the positive that

our youth is portraying.  I hope to bring light to other youths aspirations, dreams and goals. From what they are pursuing to how they are fighting to make their dreams a reality I want to make it front and center. In this Empire State or better known as New York City I have met some inspiring people that have taken a risk to achieve their goals in what some might argue is the most competitive city in the world. I hope that by making their stories transparent it will cause a ripple affect on other lives all over.

 If you are in the NYC area chasing after your goals and would like to be featured shoot me an email at MariMAG87@gmail.com with your story!

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