Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Style: Over It All Overalls

Boohoo Boots, American Apparel Socks & Long Sleeve Shirt, Vintage Overalls, B.E. Kimono

Over It All Overalls

Overalls have always had a special place in my heart and in my closet.   Whether the shredded denim I flaunted day two of fashion week or this

pair of over-washed overalls, it's easy and chic for both the winter and summer.  Dressing up can be fun but sometimes I'm just over the "chic & sleek" look and need something ultra casual and laid-back.  To elevate this style I added a pair of Boohoo Boots, and American Apparel socks which definitely gave the look a hint of preppiness.  I finished off the look with a vintage gray B.E. Kimono tied around the waist and comfy gray AA undershirt.

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