Monday, August 22, 2011

Die For Fashion

So lets just say this past week was pure torture for me. 

I started off the week in so much pain that lasted for about two days but then let up by this past Wednesday.  However, on Thursday my chest started to get really  tight and painful followed by severe headaches and a fever.  I tried to sleep it off but I wasn't able to fall asleep all night and barely got three hours of sleep.  By the second night the tightness in my chest just got so unbearable that I just decided to go to the emergency room.  After treatment lets just say I feel so much better and I was able to sleep the entire night.  With school starting in a week and a new internship starting in two weeks I know that it is important to keep my health in tact by eating healthy, working out and not stressing. Because as much as I love fashion, I'm not quite ready to die for it. LOL

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