Monday, March 26, 2012

Philos Elite: "When You Look and Feel Good, You Do Good"

 Philos Elite: "When You Look and Feel Good, You Do Good"

Upon discussing Philos Elite with my friend Kyle, I instantly felt how passionate he was about this amazing team of strong, intellectual, and esteemed males he had joined forces with.  Philos Elite is an image consulting company that is based on promoting and instilling "social intelligence" which the founder, Castell Barnes, explains as a "physical and psychological capability of being pro-efficient in all interpersonal aspects of ones life." Philos Elite focuses on M.E.S.H which is an acronym for Motivational speaking, Etiquette, Style and Health.  This group of young men are on a mission to help people young and old be well rounded in all aspects of their lives. 

Make sure to check out the video below and connect with them on Facebook ( and Twitter (!/philoselite)!

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