Monday, January 14, 2013

Style vs LIFE-style : Red Halo


Improving your look often seems difficult, but don't let it be.  Take a simple silhouette, such as a maxi dress, and pair it with unique accessories. This will makes a world of a difference.  When keeping the wardrobe simple you can add daring pieces such as a flower headband or an exaggerated piece of jewelery.  The key is to learn how to balance your wardrobe with both staple and unique pieces.


Improving your life often seems difficult, but don't let it be.  Evaluate where you are in your life and take notes. Not mental notes but actually write them down. When I decided to move from Arkansas to New York it took a year of planning.  I had to evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be. Once you evaluate where you are, evaluate where you want to be physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.  Write down your goals.  When I decided to move, I wrote down everything from the apartments I would live in, to the schools that I would apply to and so much more.

Don't know how you are going to reach goals?  That's ok.  You have to do your research. I did research on top of research before I moved.  I researched the area, emailed people who were in the location, and even talked to the students at the University. Utilizing your resources is imperative to reaching your goals.

Start to put into practice patience and persistence.  One door might have slammed in your face, but guess what, there are plenty more doors. I knew that I needed school totally paid for so I applied to every school within the NY/NJ area.  I knew that there was a chance of being turned down so I applied to over 20 schools instead of just the typical 5. I had to think outside of the box and so should you. Surround yourself with positivity and people who are going to motivate you to continue.  I am still striving for my goals.  It is a never ending process and trust me, you want it to be that way.

Artfully Urban Vintage navy maxi dress, Floral Halo, Assorted Wooden Bangles

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