Monday, January 14, 2013

MEN-tal Notes : Vintage for Gents

MEN-tal Notes : Vintage for Gents

A movement of vintage has swept the female fashionista's closet.  However, vintage is not just for the female,
 but should be embraced by men.  Take a look below to find three key pieces that can quickly be added to your wardrobe, as well as several highly suggested Etsy shops that will help spruce up your vintage collection. 


1. Wallet- Ovidiu Pal is the creator of  Atelier Pall. His collection is made up of  Vintage Premium Handmade Leather Wallets, iPhone wallets, iPhone and iPad Sleeves and Cases, Leather bags, purses and leather totes, leather belts and accessories. 

2.  Watch-A watch is an obvious staple piece every male should already have, so why not add a vintage hand-made leather watch to the collection?

3. Glasses-The Vintage Eye Shop adds a distinct look to any gents basic wardrobe.  Whether sunglasses or eye-wear, adding this piece will keep you dapper for any occasion. 

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