Monday, July 1, 2013

Style vs. LIFEstyle:Gaudy Print, Great Place

 Style vs LIFE-style : Gaudy Print, Great Place

This retro gaudy print on print piece was picked up in haste when I first saw it.  While thrift shopping in Oklahoma with my aunt, I was able to collect some amazing pieces but this was definitely one of my favorites.  Print on print can often be tricky sometimes but the the crop top breaks up the piece and makes for the perfect tropical ensemble. 
This past week seemed to happen with a world-wind quickness.  It was as if I blinked my eyes and the week was over. However,
it doesn't surprise me because of how busy I have been. I have been working so hard on a project (which I will share with you all soon) as well as making sure I tackle every project at work head on.  Even though I am in a GREAT place, I just cannot help but to continue to work hard and accomplish more.

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