Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Through My Shades: After You Are Done Trying, Try One More Time

Through My Shades: After You Are Done Trying, Try One More Time

I have had multiple conversations with people about my career path and choice to move to New York and I definitely hear a lot of, "Wow you're so lucky, you went to New York and everything just happen for you."  Well I couldn't disagree more.  It  definitely did not just happen.  It took hard work.  Hard work that was often hidden by my accomplishments.  The amount of jobs I applied for was in the high hundreds.  The amount of "Sorry, we decided to go with another candidate" was 
astronomical.  I got to the point that when I was applying for a job and was brought in for an interview, I viewed it as practice so I wouldn't be disappointed about not getting the position.  I even had people bring me in for 4 or 5 interviews, toy me a long and still not hire me. Did I get frustrated? Definitely!  But one thing I did know was if I stop trying, I would never get to where I wanted to be.  By giving up, you guarantee that you will never accomplish your goals.    I am really a believer that God has blessed me but at the same time I am a bigger believer that God is not going to do everything by himself.  He needs something to work with.  This process definitely increased my faith and with each no, I knew I was a step closer to a yes. 


  1. This is exactly what I needed to "read." Thank you! I am not as far along on my journey as you are but I am definitely going thru similar struggles. I am also in the hundreds range of applications, not quite as many interviews, but I often find myself consumed by the non progressiveness I feel. I want my dream job so badly, but I know that I have to be patient, dedicated, and strong. It's good to see someone else make it through, because it's hard to see the light in the fog. One day, I hope, pray, and continue to strive towards my goals and will achieve them. Thank you for showing me that while not easy, it is possible to overcome. You are such an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your powerful words and your impacting wisdom.

    1. Thanks Catrina! Trust me it will happen! I am not anywhere near where I want to be but I am far away from where I started. It definitely takes time and patience is definitely key. Just keep pushing and being persistent. If you ever want to talk about job stuff email me (mariemag87@gmail.com) , I would love to give you some ways that I was able to break through the job market and get what I want.